About Fine Clipping

Theoretically, we started our journey in 2003 when our parent company APSIS started its operation as a service provider and software developer for local market. In our initial days we started to develop software solutions and content for enterprises, eventually we ventured into hardware business and expanded our business to EU. We had become founder members of BASIS and BCS. In 2009 we became sole content provider and creative partner for Bangladesh Photographic Society and started providing image editing and enhancement service to more than 1200 professional photographers at home and abroad. Since 2010 we are providing image editing service to many EU and USA companies for e-commerce sites. Fine clipping formed in 2017 with sole purpose of Offshore Image Editing service, our long experience in image editing and clipping path service and our expertise in software development helped us to create an automation framework to intelligently handle our work flow and ensure on-time delivery with double QC for etch and every image we work on. We do the work we do because we love it, We like the industry and we walk the talk.